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Cheap Car Hire Italy

A modern, industrialized nation, Italy is true mixture of the old and the new. A world centre for style and design, Italian designers have traditionally lead the way with each new season's fashions.

Strongly family-oriented, Italians place a strong emphasis on the traditions and rituals of the Catholic Church which, still dominates people's lives here to an immediately obvious degree despite growing scepticism from the younger Italian generations.

Italy unified as recently 1861 and many Italians still remain more loyalty to their region than the nation, which is something quite apparent in the varied cuisines, dialects, landscape and standards of living.

One must also take into account Italy's enormous cultural legacy - Tuscany alone possessing more classified historical monuments than any country in the world. Much remains today of the Roman Empire all over the country, in particular in Rome itself, with every region retaining its own relics of an artistic tradition  acknowledged to be among the world's greatest.

Travelling by car in rural Italy is relatively pleasant, however, cities can be a lot more difficult. Roads are generally good, the motorway, or Autostrada network  comprehensive, and the notorious Italian drivers reputation less volatile than many would suggest. Most motorways are toll-roads.

Custom Car Hire can provide you with cheap car hire rates in Italy with leading car rental companies so there's no stopping you from discovering all the hidden treasures Italy has to offer.

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Car Hire Italy
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